Finding Your Homeschool F.L.O.W. with Vanessa Wright

Let’s get into our F.L.O.W. to start our homeschool year. Vanessa, a homeschooling mom of three teens, encourages you to:

  • Faithfully cultivate what matters most to your family and your homeschool
  • Learn to love yourself, your family, and the homeschooling season you’re in right now
  • Own your time and space
  • Weed out what’s not serving you , your family, or your homeschool
Grab your favorite pen, a journal, and a hot cuppa tea and get ready to be inspired in this workshop. Let’s start the homeschool year off flowing and filled with energy.

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Explore Careers with Amanda Chamberlain

As your teen’s teacher, guidance counselor, and parent, it can be challenging to help them explore careers and make college choices. Amanda breaks down the college and career planning process into 5 simple steps. You will learn how to help your teen learn more about themselves, research careers, gain experience, and make a plan for college entry. There will be special emphasis on integrating career exploration into curriculum and planning dual enrollment to save money on college tuition.

Textbook-Free History with Amy Sloan

History is a wild adventure story, and it IS possible to study it without boredom or drudgery! History is more than a list of dates and facts. Taking a textbook-free approach to our history studies brings greater joy and delight to our studies, and it also enables us to study history with a wide age range.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Homeschooling (or everything no one else will tell you) with Amanda Wares

You’ve read the books, research curriculum, talked to other homeschool parents . . . you’re ready, right? Or maybe you’ve started homeschooling, and discovered that the reality doesn’t necessarily match up to what you thought – should you quit? Come, be encouraged from a mom who has been there, done that, and is still homeschooling after 15 years.

Dollars & Sense with Charla McKinley

Our children will spend less than a quarter of their lives in our homes. As parents we have a narrow window to prepare them for the road ahead. We spend years teaching our children how to read, write and do mathematics, but how much time do we spend teaching them about money? Financial illiteracy has the power to cripple our children as they enter adulthood. What is keeping you from training your children in this key area? Would you like some tips and tricks to help you guide them? Join me, a homeschool mom, financial consultant and retired CPA, as we talk through how to raise a fiscally responsible adult.

Homeschooling with All the Letters with Michelle McCallum and Tanya Faisal

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as you parent your differently wired kiddo? You’ve read the books, watched the videos, talked to healthcare professionals, chatted with other parents, and listened to endless podcasts. And yet, sometimes the weight of your own day-to-day seems impossible to bear. The brilliant advice that you thought should be working be now has done diddly-squat to smooth your days. Your child doesn’t fit the mold of whatever group of letters he/she has been assigned – let alone a “normal” mold. Homeschooling hasn’t looked anything like the squares you follow on Instagram. What should you do? Revamp all your curriculum? Send them to school and hope for the best? Michelle McCallum of A Common Life and Tanya Faisal of Project Happy Home have been there – and are still happily homeschooling their all-the-letters kids. Come hang out with us as we honestly share our experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and encourage you to craft your own unique homeschool culture. Homeschooling your exceptional child doesn’t have to be so hard or look picture-perfect – it can actually be so much better.

A Community of Learning with Dalton Onorato

In this presentation, Dalton Onorato, former teacher and founder of Dandelion Learning Collaborative, will address ways in which families can collaborate to design and implement homeschool plans that include other cooperating adult and learners. This way of working creates opportunities for children to experience autonomy while learning with others and gives parents time for the work, service, and self-care that just can’t be done with kids in tow!

Free Schooling with Jessica Sarchett

Freeschooling was birthed from the idea that homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. It has since grown into a way of life. We have retrained ourselves to see the value in the process as much if not more than the final product. We aim to live a lifestyle that builds a strong desire to freely seek knowledge which will subsequently increase confidence.

How to Begin Planning Your Homeschool Year with Tawnya Vinyard

I believe homeschool planning does not start with a Google search to figure out your homeschooling style or even figuring out your children’s learning styles. It starts with your dreams and what you want the end of your journey to look like. Think of a GPS system, you need to know where you are going in order to map out the road to get there.

Teaching Creative Teens with Heather Woodie

When it comes to teaching creative teens, time for creativity is not the icing on the cake. It’s the foundation of who they are and how they work. When you make creativity a priority in your homeschool, all of their work is better for having started there. Learn how to make creativity first in the world of high school requirements!

The Transition From Public to Homeschool with Tomekia Latoya

The Transition From Public to Homeschool will break down tips to help both the parents and children transition into the homeschool world. Tomekia will be speaking about resources to get started, types of curriculum, and scheduling.

How to Be a Learning Guide with Amanda Stockdale

Learn how to take a step back and allow your child to control more of their learning. We’ll discuss how to identify true interests and how to help your child become a self-motivated learner by bringing out their natural learning abilities. You become a learning guide instead of the teacher.

Gain MORE by Doing LESS? Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress with Zara Fagen

Have you ever felt exhausted and overwhelmed in your homeschool? Do you often wonder whether you’re doing enough, or doing it right? Or, do you crave less chaos and stress; and more time to breathe and enjoy your children?

Welcome to Minimalist Homeschooling. In this presentation, Zara Fagen, PhD – best-selling author of Minimalist Homeschooling, and creator of Simple is the New Smart – helps homeschoolers rethink how they spend their time and energy in order to gain MORE educational value in their homeschool by doing LESS.

Being Human while Raising & Teaching Humans with Christy Thomas

How to let go of what’s stressing you out and build a doable plan to have self-care during your days.

The Magic of Play & The Brain with Christy Thomas

Christy will help parents discover why their kids NEED and crave free play. She will review the research on the stages of play and patterns of play. At the end parents will be able to brainstorm how their family already plays and tips for building a culture of play.

Outsourcing Your Sanity with Jade Weatherington

A lot of parents, when they start homeschooling, try to wear all the hats (and a cape).  It can become exhausting and overwhelming real quick when starting the homeschooling journey.  This session will focus on outsourcing, which is absolutely okay to do!  Find out about different platforms that will assist in educating your children and how to feel okay with not trying to do it all.  There are many options to choose from when outsourcing or even pulling sources together with other families to create study pods or co-ops.

Home, Heart and Homeschooling Happiness with Erin Garcia

Creating and maintaining  manageable rhythms and routines for Home and Homeschool in all seasons of life.